Införa represents a culture of business building with the foundations of consciousness, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. This framework provides our team with all the best parts that booth rental has to offer


with all the best parts of a commission structure, giving you a Destroy The Hairdresser concept salon that supports our stylists in a modern fashion. Through this philosophy, we have created a space with opportunities for others to grow, learn, and EARN through an all inclusive transparent hourly rate.


As an employee of a DTH future proof salon, these are the provided opportunities for growth available to you: 

  • Monthly one on one business coaching to discuss your goals and create solutions.
  • Deep dive into consciousness, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence to elevate your experience behind the chair.
  • 24/7 access to online education from some of our industries leading figures.


If you are a commission stylist and your salon owner is giving you a 1099, its not for your benefit. It's to avoid paying taxes. As a modern commission salon, we offer tax benefits along with having an unlimited potential of earning independent commission through partnered affiliate links. Gone are the days where your value was determined based off unrealistic retail sales benchmarks. 


Stylist autonomy. We practice an open door policy which provides our stylists the freedom to create their own schedules, raise their prices whenever their ready, and have unlimited time off.

stop taking advice from people who havent been where you want to go. 



Freedom of schedule

freedom over your pricing

freedom to specialize

growth opportunities 

monthly coaching

tax benefits

WHAT YOU'LL receive:


how to apply



STEP 001

send us an email with all your contact info.

STEP 002

add in your social media handles. 

STEP 003

tell us whats drawn you to our culture at Införa Hair Studio.

STEP 004

share what services you specialize in.

STEP 005

share some of your career goals. think big, your future self has exciting things in store for you.

       a leaders job is to            
                          find your power,  not to make you                                          on theirs. 



Pragmatic. Intuitive. Visionary.


When we hear complaints that our community industry is too saturated, too many salons, stylists, educators, etc. we develop mentalities that tell us we're not enough, we can’t be unique stylists, because you've never been granted permission to acknowledge your true value as an artist. These toxic belief systems prevent us from walking an authentic path and creating and manifesting our own success. It's time to collectively gain control of our craft, acknowledge our value, and thrive in our careers. 

Hi - I'm Sam, and my calling is helping stylists learn, digest, and implement conscious tools and practices to create a cycle of artistry, not service providing. 

we only achieve success by growing our capacity to receive it

Införa Hair Studio has provided a warm and welcoming environment for my guests to relax and recharge. It has given me a place to refine my skill set and focus on learning new and fun ways to make my guests hair goals come to life. I have loved the accepting and encouraging environment that Införa provides to their team.

- Aly Thompson

My experience with Införa Hair Studio has been completely my own with great guidance by Sam. I have been been given the space to be my authentic self in my craft with provided tools to grow into a better stylist everyday! I am able to balance my personal life and work life in a way I was not able to before. I am also given the space to dive deeper into the things I really enjoy doing which is lived-in hair and natural hair shaping!

- Yvonne Moreno

I love working at Införa! This environment has allowed me to have a work/life balance. Family and self-care is important to me, and having time for those things is important for me. Införa allows me the freedom and flexibility so that I don’t have to work a typical 9 to 5, and can dedicate time to growing personally and professionally.

- Mayra Mejia

Working at Införa was the change I needed in the hair world. Working here has provided me a healthy work life balance and community. I’ve been able to receive coaching to be come my best self and to reach my full potential. I feel like working here is helping me to develop into the stylist I want to be, and has helped me generate a community that matches my values.

- Tess Bailey

If I could make one promise about Införa, it would be this-

we will forever prioritize a work-life balance with unconditional support towards understanding your value and managing creative wellness.

meaningful work isnt about impressing others, it's about expressing your values As An Artist.

I'm ready to kickstart the next chapter of my career as a craft hairstylist.

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