Hair loss/thinning hair is common issue we come across behind the chair. Customized wigs & toppers can be game changers when it comes to natural looking solutions. Scouring the web for the right unit can be an overwhelming experience, which is why it's our mission to guide you through this journey.

by filling out our Custom Unit order form, we'll be able to align you with the perfect solution, created with your suitability in mind. 

Extensions haven't always provided the complete solution I needed. My custom topper gives me the perfect amount of volume, makes my hair look much fuller in the crown, and the best part is the natural scalp effect it has. Everyone assumes it's my natural hair! I love my custom topper!

Jennifer Espinoza


If your feeling mentally drained, anxious, or just want to enjoy some quiet time during your appointment, a silent appointment may be the perfect option for you. Silent appointments are just like regular ones, without any expectations to chat throughout your session. We always want our guests to feel safe and relaxed when visiting with us, without judgement. If this is something you’re interested in, leave a note in the comment section of your appointment request when you book online.