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All I knew was that I was determined to turn my art into a career, bounce to all my favorite music behind the chair, and to establish an environment that supported creative wellness. 




Stepping into the hair and beauty industry as a recently graduated hairstylist can be an experience that faces a lot of discouragement and uncertainty about the direction your career will head towards. If only it was actually as easy as what our beauty school instructors have fed us all to believe over the years. 

You graduate. You get a job at a salon. Voila – you’re officially a professional. 

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Now the real work begins, and without proper guidance or mentorship, this can be a very overwhelming intro to your profession. Like every hairstylist whose come before you, you’ve most likely found yourself questioning whether your passion for hair is a viable career path, or whether you have what it takes to succeed as a hairstylist. If so, you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, this is exactly where I stood for the first five years of my career. Just because the rest of us struggled to navigate these waters, does not mean you must endure the same. 

But if we’re really going to dive into all the limiting beliefs and misconceptions young creatives inevitably face, then we also have to address the longstanding issues that have left each generation of hairstylists stuck on repeat by continuously operating under these limiting beliefs and misconceptions. One of the more common misconceptions about the hair and beauty industry is that hairstylists are simply service providers who cut and color hair as a side hustle -or- as a hobby, and not as a career

Allow me to share a few more of those misbeliefs:

  • Hairstylists have to work on weekends. Taking off a Saturday from work without a 3-year advance notice is going to be the downfall of your success, and the only way to ensure that success is to make that time up next Saturday by pulling a double.  
  • A hairstylist is worth more when they are doing color and extensions, and worth less when they are doing haircutting and styling.
  • A hairstylist’s job is easy because all they really do is play with hair all day.
  • There’s not enough to go around. Not enough clients, not enough money, not enough jobs. Everything and everyone is a competition. 
  • Your overall business value and earning potential will plateau because you don’t deserve promotions or financial growth like those who have college degrees. 

I’m here to say, 


This is 2023, and this is creative business, baby! 

Hairstyling is an art form that requires skill, creativity, and a deep understanding of the science behind all things hair. Oh – and don’t forget that trends change constantly, so you must also continue to invest in your education and stay up-to-date with current trends and techniques if you desire to excel in your career!

To become a licensed hairstylist, you must undergo rigorous training and education that can be just as challenging and costly as a traditional university degree. The spin however, is that when you walk out of those cosmetology school doors and into the world as a fresh graduate, the only skill you have is how to do a perm and a 90º haircut. 

See what I mean about all the BS we were fed for graduation expectations? LIES. THEY WERE ALL LIES.

So, how can you forge your own path, overcome these limiting beliefs, and embrace the artistry of the hair and beauty industry? This is where the power of true mentorship comes into play. As someone who takes great pride in leading their team with a foundation of consciousness and emotional intelligence, here are my biggest tips:

  1. Recognize your worth as an artist: As a hairstylist, you have a unique talent and skill set that sets you apart from other professionals. Don’t let anyone (ESPECIALLY YOUR BOSS) belittle or minimize your craft. Embrace your identity as an artist, take pride in the work that you do, and know that it’s ok for you to not offer certain services
  2. Invest in your education: Education is key to staying competitive in the hair and beauty industry. Whether it’s taking classes, attending workshops, or reading industry publications, make sure that you are constantly learning and growing. These days, most leading figures within the industry offer online education subscriptions. It’s basically like binging your favorite tv show, except it’s designed specifically for you and your line of work. 
  3. Experiment: Let go of what you thought “certification” meant and start experimenting on your own. You do this for a living to be creative, and impactful lessons only happen when things get messy. 
  4. Surround yourself with supportive people: It’s important to have a network of people who understand and appreciate your passion for hair. Seek out mentors, colleagues, and friends who share your values and can provide you with the support and encouragement you need to succeed. And for the love of god, DO NOT TAKE ADVICE FROM PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T BEEN WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.
  5. Challenge the limiting beliefs you have in all areas of your life: When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about your abilities as a hairstylist, challenge those thoughts. Ask yourself whether they are based on facts or just fears and insecurities. Reframe your thinking to focus on your strengths and achievements.
  6. Practice self-care, and make it a priority: The hair and beauty industry can be demanding and stressful, both physically and emotionally – if you let it. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself by getting enough rest, eating well, and engaging in activities that bring you joy and relaxation outside of your career. A true artist finds balance and inspiration throughout their entire existence, not just during the time spent behind the chair. 

Remember, the only person who holds power over creating and manifesting your career, is you. There are so many different facets of this industry that can offer a rewarding and fulfilling career path, outside of passion and commitment to your craft. Don’t let limiting beliefs, poor mentorship, or misconceptions hold you back from achieving your dreams. Learn and implement conscious tools and practices to create a cycle of artistry, not service providing. When you have balance in life, and are properly supported and nurtured, you can manage your creative wellness.

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August 30, 2023

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs Through Mentorship