Hey, i'm sam.

All I knew was that I was determined to turn my art into a career, bounce to all my favorite music behind the chair, and to establish an environment that supported creative wellness. 




As salon professionals in the 21st century, success is no longer just about the killer styles we’re creating behind the chair. Today, it’s about building a brand, managing social media accounts, capturing and editing content, networking beyond our immediate communities, diversifying our income beyond the chair, and investing into our futures.  

Do you ever find yourself having a passive relationship with life or your career? Dealing with things as they come, not being very organized, not relying on any scheduling or lists of things to do; all while telling yourself  “I’ll just handle things as they come”. I sure have, which is exactly why it was so important for me to have a conscious approach to the way I built a modern career without the overwhelm. 

Even though it’s easier said in theory than in practice, once we’re able to call ourselves out on our own BS – we have the opportunity to reflect a bit, and ask ourselves “am I more passive? Or am I more proactive?”. Not only is this step one of getting your shit together in life, but it also takes the power away from outside forces determining what your experiences or what your life is going to be like. 

Here are 7 habits and routines that can be systemized to find more freedom in your business while developing your career as a young artistic professional:

  • Invested as much money as possible into self education. An infinite budget for learning will give you infinite potential for learning. There are countless outlets for high quality virtual education from leading figures within the industry.
  • Be willing to step up and let go of the habits, relationships, & reactions that no longer serve you. Your capacity for success can only match the capacity of what surrounds you. Having a vision beyond the distractions will always give you the path of growth and expansion. 
  • Saying yes to opportunities despite being uncomfortable. You can be anxious, and you can be afraid, but you cannot be stagnant. Implementing small micro-risks into your routine to step out of your comfort zone is how you grow your vessel. 
  • Find multiple mentors. Seek specialists for every area of your life. Only through guidance and support can you actualize your potential. 
  • Get comfortable in isolation. Call back your energy, and buckle in because some growth brings pain and some growth brings bliss. Not everyone in your life will align with your path, and that cannot stop you from pursuing your goals.
  • Be intentional about what you feed your mind, body, and soul. Being conscious about the content you digest. Social media is about community, inspiration, education, and entertainment. Viewing with intentionality creates exponential growth. Social media is still meant to be a form of self expression, so remember to have fun with it. Remain human. 
  • Master the art of self-discipline. Once you can determine your motivation, and how you want to elevate in your artistry, you can then take conscious action towards your transformation.

If you’re ready to transform the way you think about your success or desiring coaching opportunities, visit our careers page and apply with us! We are always hiring and looking to help stylists break out of toxic industry cycles, and into a cycle of conscious artistry.

June 2, 2023

Routines, Habits, & Micro-Risks